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sorry, lots of work to do

the program is ok for the distances between the shoot in marks. It is not working for the shorter ranges. The angle correction is pretty bad too. Its much better to use any scaled sight tape.

Very useful

Very useful. Seems accurate. The shot marks it calculates are usually dead on. Would be nice though to have a true metric option. The way it is now requires you to input all your data using imperial measurements. If you enter all the data in metric it doesnt calculate perfectly. If you select the metric option what does is it gives you a set of marks under the All tab for meters.

A must for all Field archers

When I first heard of the development of Archers Mark, I immediately purchased an iPod Touch for the sole purpose of using this application. Even from the earliest beta version, I knew this was going to be a "winner". Very easy to set up and use - highly recommend for all target archers.

The Best

Marks system for field archery currently available. More options, easy to use, more accurate....simply the best!

Target archer

What a great AP. It really does what they say. These guys have really done their homework. I am glad I purchased Archers Mark.

must have

if you are serious about field archery, this is a must have ap. The design team seriously did their homework! I would love to see this expanded into a score tracking system as well. Great ap!

Best Archery purchase ever!!!!!

Thsi is the best money i have ever spent on an archery product. Without a doubt!!! I love the fact that for a tinkerer and a field shoot like me, I can change something and almost immediately go put it to work on the field range. I dont have to have a computer and printer available to print a sight tape. My ITouch stays in my field quiver and my IPhone is always with me. If you spend any time tweaking your equipment or jsut want an easy program and handy program to use for sight marks this is for you. I wouldnt be caught without it and wont ever again. Thanks ArchersMark for a great product.


This application is very useful. It takes alot of the guesswork out of sighting in. The ability to print sight tapes as well as the cut feature are added bonuses to an already great application. I highly recommend it!

Best product out there!!!

I have used most of the programs out there for archery. This is by FAR the BEST one out. It is simple to use and the marks are spot on. GREAT JOB!!!!


A grate Program and geting Better Tks

Great App

Cant beat the price and ease of use. Great job!


Just tried out this app for the first time at the NV State Marked 3D this past weekend, and Im totally sold. Much more accurate than other archery software Ive used, and the built-in clinometer is a superb addition. Love love love Archers Mark!

Great app!!

A great app for target archers. Took a new bow out and was shooting a field/hunter round in very short order with great marks after a few mins on the practice range! I dont shoot without my iTouch and AM at my side

Makes an ordinary archer shoot like a PRO

What a great app! i cant believe I waited so long to get this one!


This app rocks! Ive used it extensively the last six months or so. Its a great tool for field and/or 3d archers looking for a new way to accurately adjust your sights up and down. Last year I had to re-sight my bow during a shoot and a quick tune at 20 and 80 yards got me back out on the course in no time. Its a great tool to have with you on the course! 3d shooters can keep their yardage a secret using either the printable back up cards or right on your iPod or iPhone. Worth every penny!!


I have used other programs in the passed and this one beats them all. All the marks are on. You will love Archers mark.

Love this app

It is an amazing App! The only thing that I wish they had...And they are working on it...Is the ability to print sight tapes! You can print your marks but not tapes! Also maybe add more shot ins as I like to be pin point and some are Just a little off. As I have mine shot out to 90 meters. But this app is awesome and I feel way more user friendly than some of the others. Also the shot in adjustments are nice even if limited

Score not working correctly

The in app purchase (which means you cant rate it on the app store under Archers Score). Does not accurately store previous rounds. It has deleted or lost multiple fully scored rounds several times even though each was saved under its own name........

Am I the last one to find out about this app?

I have been looking (obviously not hard enough) for an app like this. It does everything it claims to do without any problems. If youre into archery, you need this app.

Axe Grinder

What a great app. I never leave home without it. Great job !!!!

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